[News]KARA Kang Ji Young’s cousin to make a debut

t's been known that KARA's youngest member Kang Ji Young has a 21 year old cousin named NS Kim Yoon Ji (real name Kim Yoon Ji), who is Ji Young's aunt's daughter. Apparently, this relative will be debuting as a singer and plans to release her song on the 24th.

Although Kang Ji Young is in DSP Media, Yoon Ji will be debuting from another company. According to her company, she left Korea to study in the USA when she was 4th grade and came back after graduating from UCLA University.

Yoon Ji is getting a lot of attention from many netizens for her beauty and slim body, just like her cousin. Some of the netizens have commented that the duo is part of a family with "superior genes", like SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal.

DSP Media's related source commented, "Yoon Ji and Ji Young both are very affectionate with each other. ... Because Yoon Ji was in USA, they couldn't meet a lot. Ji Young would follow around her so much that when her cousin came home, she would spend the night in her aunt's house." They added, "Kang Ji Young is really happy right now. She is cheering for her debut and success."


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    Both are pretty! But I love baby jing more =)

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