[News]SHINee leaves Taiwan; 200 fans rush to say goodbye

South Korean boyband SHINee finished their 25-hour trip to Taiwan yesterday, leaving on the afternoon of the 20th.

The members all seemingly have become experts in the unique game of , created by staff members using the main-point dance movements of .

Not only did they constantly do the actions, they even complemented the game by saying “Nuna oh Nuna” in Chinese, and SHINee also wishes to hold a concert in Taiwan someday.

SHINee arrived in Taiwan on the 19th, and attended an Azio TV programme whereby they had mooncakes, pomelos and Taiwanese cuisine. The five boys liked the sweet-and-sour pork ribs dish, along with braised pork best, saying that they were very “tasty”.

On the 20th, more than 200 fans flooded the airport to send their idols off. Even as SHINee entered customs, they still repeatedly pounded on the glass to make the boys take a glance back, leading the customs security to remark, “This is just like the zoo.”

SHINee leaves Taiwan; 200 fans rush to say goodbye
Source: Yahoo! TW
Translated by: hazel @ http://asianfanatics.net
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  1. Anonymous says:

    ahahah. they're really getting famous.
    custom securities are so lucky.
    waaah. this is my first time of wishing to become a CS. hehe

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