[News]T-ara and Supernova to promote ‘TTL’ as 12 members

Groups T-ara and Supernova will come together to promote as 12 members from October, promoting their project single ‘TTL (Time To Love)’.

Currently, there are only 7 members – GeonIl, KwangSoo and JiHyuk of Supernova and SoYeon, EunJung, HyoMin and JiYeon of T-ara – promoting the song. But coming October, all members from 2 groups will come together as 12 members to promote the song.

It has been a long time in Kpop since such a big mixed group come out to do promotions. Fans are anticipating the 12-member promotion since the current 7 members are putting up a powerful stage.

Supernova will be in Japan Osaka on 25th September and in Tokyo on 27th for promotions. They will also be appearing with actor Bae YoungJoon on Sky Perfect TV DATV on 1st October. After which, they will return to Korea to promote as 12 members for ‘TTL’.

Meanwhile, ‘TTL’ is doing very well up on music charts – getting #1 on Cyworld chart, #1 on Naver colour ring tone and #2 on Mnet chart.


Honestly, for me... T-ARA would do better without the other 2 members.What did the 2 other members do any good to the group...the other 2 members who are not in this special project aren't even given lines to sing in 'Lies' and another just a single line.

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