[NEWS]T-ara's Eunjeong: 'I Can't Recognize My Face Anymore Nowadays...'!

Popular 'Lies' rookie girl group T-ara's leader, Eunjeong along with Soyeon and Hyomin appear on KBS2TV's 'Star Golden Bell' and shows off their unique charms.

At one segment the MC throws in a question about the T-ara members' extremely pretty faces. In reply Eunjeong says that 'Before you debut you're already pretty, but normally if you think about it, after debuting people become to look prettier'. Eunjeong also adds that 'Nowadays though, when I look at my face, I can't even recognize who it is anymore...'

The episode will broadcast on Saturday August 5th.

Source: Newsen
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Translated by: Elly@diadem

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