[Trans] Hyuk is going to Paris!!

Since the embedding is disabled, you can watch it HERE
Vacation time: September 9th to 12th

Conversation w/ teuki on sukira:
LT: What is that?
EH: Thats my ticket and hotel voucher. I never did this before.
LT: Can I say which flight you are taking?
EH: Of course not!! I didnt know that I would have bring my passport!!
LT: Seriously, Suju members were asking Eunhyuk if he had his passport. Eunhyuk was like, “I have to bring my passport?!?”
EH: Thats because whenever I go overseas, the manager prepares them for me. So, I didnt know.
LT: Eunhyuk wont be here next week. My gut feeling tells me that Hyukjae will get lost.
EH: I would appreciate it if someone would call the embassy everyday for any missing person. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I went to the SM office yesterday and people were worried that I would get lost. Ill be careful. Actually, I wanted to go to France with Leeteuk but, couldnt make it because of schedule. Kyuhyun went to Japan alone last week and Siwon went to Saipan with his family. When Siwon was in Saipan, it rained all the time and the sun came up when he was leaving

Cr: Minniemink@youtube

French fans shared the flights flying in from seoul…..^^ hahah~


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