[VIDEO] f(x)'s LA chA TA Music Video is now released!

Not much to say, except all the girls look amazing!

credits to saleela101 @YT, hehe, thats me :D

I really have problem differentiating Luna and Krystal..Do you have the similar problem too??

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i notice tat their eyes look quite similar type... haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    AMBER is gorgeous!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I actually liked the MV. people thought that they're just going to be like 2ne1 & 4 minute but the song is very different which is great! i just hope the girls don't wear those baggy pants when they perform cause its not very flattering -_-

  4. Anonymous says:

    ehhh.. i'm still not feeling them. i don't think they lived up to all of the hype. oh wellllll

  5. M-ilkyy says:

    It's true that i can't differentiating them = =
    Maybe still not knowing so well of them.
    But one thing i have to say,Amber is really cool~! :D
    Sulli too~ hehes~ ^^

  6. Minako says:

    Who is who?
    I only can differentiate Amber, lol.

  7. Anonymous says:

    amber is really cool.

  8. Jaz says:

    you can differentiate who is luna and krsytal. Krsytal has the same voice like her sis jessica. haha !

  9. Anonymous says:

    what can i say about this video!!! it is great i have to admit ... and as i recall nobody thought they were going to be like 2ne1 or 4 minutes.it was said that they are going to compete against 2ne1 that there would be a battle between these 2 groups .but still 2ne1 is the best.i love amber even though he is a girl but somehow she doesn't fit the image ...i mean i would like her to act more like a girl than a boy...well this is my impression...
    but good luck girls... i can't wait to see u girls perform live!!!! and against 2ne1 to see who wins...

  10. Anonymous says:

    still not the least interested in them.
    song is not that catchy.
    that girl looks very much like yuri.
    but i gotta admit amber looks very cool, only one who's able to attract me though.

  11. Anonymous says:

    the song is not catchy at all. 4minute MUZIK the song & mv itself is so much better!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    too bad i dont like 4 minute LOL Muzik seems blah to me. Anyway i dont hate 4 minute as much as T-ARA .T-ARA is the most horrible.

  13. Anonymous says:

    noyt interested..
    their song not strong enough..
    i think 2ne1 is far away better than them..it make sense..
    with 21 awards in just 2 month after 2ne1 debut, one word- amazing!
    2ne1 cannot be compared.anyway good luck 2 f(x)..

  14. Anonymous says:

    its obvious....krystal jung's way hotter^^

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hahah, agreed with above. ^^^^

    I actually like this vid and song. Its alright :P

  16. Anonymous says:

    amber is like soooooooo gorgeous...
    in that tomboyish style..
    and she's such a gentleman opening the car's door and let her friends in first..

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lmao Amber looks like the Jonghyun from Shinee

  18. Anonymous says:

    i'm interested in Victoria the leader i heard her dancing is amazing

  19. Anonymous says:

    i actually LOVE them, they all look greatt! and i love the song!
    and krystal and jessica actually do sound a bit similar but love them both xD cant wait for their live!!

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