The SJM whirlwind lands in Happiness Base Camp; Shows their cool side perfectly

Toward the end of September, Asian popular band Super Junior M will appear on Hunan TV’s OPPO REAL Music Cellphone “Happiness Base Camp”. At that time, the seven cute members will not only bring an all new moving album, but will also show the commercial that they filmed with OPPO, showing their cool image perfectly.

During SJM’s second time on “Happiness Base Camp”s stage, what kind of sparks will they start with the audience? Will the formerly shy members, return as kings, show a different type of charm? What kind of mysterious special guest will there be this time, springing on these unprepared big boys? What kinds of surprises will the wise Teacher He, the strange Nana, and the nonsensical Happiness Family bring together with SJM? At the moment, everything is a secret, but the excitement level will overflow.

OPPO Entertainment Forum will keep an eye on SJM’s schedule with “Happiness Base Camp”, and will bring the newest news as fast as possible. At the same time, the forum will hold a series of events; everyone can make suggestions for SJM’s experiences on “Happiness Base Camp”, and maybe your suggestion will be picked, and you can watch the SJM members specially perform for you!

OPPO Forum has also prepared the cutest presents– OPPO REAL Music Cellphone “Happiness Base Camp” tickets! Everyone can use this chance to participate in OPPO Entertainment Forum’s different activities and try for the tickets. Please visit OPPO’s official site.

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from the Happiness Base Camp Baidu Bar:
Zhang Liyin will probably be with them.
And Geng says he might bring Heechul with them.
Also, a few days ago, the Happiness family went to Korea and filmed with Super Junior. Apparently they just got back like today.
There’s speculation as to what they were doing in Korea.

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