[video] G-Dragon on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate (090919)

G-Dragon @ KJE's Chocolate (090919)

On today's airing of 'Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate,' Big Bang's G-Dragon gave fangirls a little something to scream about. On the show he performed Heartbreaker, Breathe, and This Love. Catch these performances plus GD's interview with a special guest after the jump!

In the beginning of the interview GD is given an X/O quiz to test how much of a 'herbivorous guy' he is. The questions were along the lines of, "I have a lot of girl friends but there is no case of development into lovers...," to which he responded with mostly Os, thus labelling him as a 'herbivorous guy.'

What exactly is a 'herbivorous guy' though? It's basically a guy who girls aren't attracted to but rather like in a friendly way, in other words a guy best friend. These boys tend to be more interested in their own hobbies and activities, and when the topic of girlfriends and things of that sort come up they become more indifferent.

G-Dragon does seem to care more about fashion than girls, seeing as he's a regular fashion trendsetter these days, so maybe that quiz wasn't all wrong.

What did you think of G-Dragon's performance? Does he seem like a 'herbivorous guy' to you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOve u GD. Love tHis love :D~

  2. Anonymous says:

    my birhday's on Sept 19th too!!!!! i want to be on the stage!! OMG!
    LOVE YOU G-D!!! =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Envy that lady!!
    Oh my GD can speak english real good.
    Loves, jiyong oppa many :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    GD is really hot!!

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