[Videos] KARA's Nicole cut on Star Golden Bell

The below are the videos of today's Star Golden Bell,but just Nicole's cut is shown in the video .

Those videos are just raw and have not been subbed,of course i will post up the subbed videos once they are subbed,but i am afraid that you guys will have to wait for a few days for the subbed videos to be released.

For those KARA lovers who can't wait for the subbed videos,you can watch the unsubbed videos here,Nicole's expression is so cute all the time..It's worth watching although you don't really know what she is talking about.

Besides,Tiara's members Boram and Ji Yeon are present on the show,i really like Ji Yeon's new hair style,is she prettier than Kim Tae Hee now....well,in my opinion she is as beautiful as Kim Tae Hee..

Watch the videos below!
Part 1

Part 2

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