[NEWS] Wonder Girls and Jonas Brothers in PIXIE Magazine

After being featured in Korea's W Magazine, the girls appeared once again on PIXIE Magazine with the Jonas Brothers. Wonder Girls' rapper, Yoobin, even updated her Twitter to encourage fans to buy the magazine.

A seemingly trivial 2-page spread has grasped the attention of Korean netizens and rendered positive reviews from the public:
It is truly amazing.
I'm proud to be their fan.
I believe they will rise to fame soon.
I want to buy the magazine!

We have to admit that this is a proof that the girls are really paving their way towards the American market. Meanwhile, their worthiness will strongly rely on the impact of their upcoming US album which will be released this month.

Show your love for the quintet group by pre-ordering the album with an autographed copy and by visiting their international forum, WG Spectacle.

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