Yang HyunSeok, “I have great love for Big Bang, great anticipation for 2NE1″

What does ‘Yang President’ Yang Hyun Seok think about his 2 groups Big Bang and 2NE1?

Yang HyunSeok had an interview recently, and in the interview he said, “My love for Big Bang, anticipation for 2NE1 is great” when he was asked “Between Big Bang and 2NE1, which group do you have more love for?”.

He continued, “I’ve seen Big Bang from they were young. Not only so, I’ve seen them through as talented individuals becoming ‘pro’s and they were a united team. How can you not love them?” laughing.

“As compared to the love I have for Big Bang, I have more anticipation for 2NE1 - I have more anticipation for them as compared to Big Bang. 2NE1 has just only started out, and they have more to show in the future, and they have so much potential to grow. I really look forward to how the girls will develop and grow.”

Yang HyunSeok has debuted as part of Seo TaiJi and Boys in 1992 and after which he had changed his name as ‘Yang Goon‘ and set up YG Entertainment in 1996. Yang HyunSeok has groomed many talents like Jinusean, 1TYM, Se7en, Lexy, Gummy etc and the new generation singers from the company like Big Bang and 2NE1 are forseen to do as good and better in the Kpop world.


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    love yg family too..

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