[Cyworld]091013 Lee Teuk's Cyworld UPDATES !


Picture UPDATE !


..Please look carefully who is the one laughing till the end..
..Now, not doing things I wanted to do ..
..But doing things that I am good at ..
..Also not rookies that just debuted..
..There is difference between things I want to do and things that I can do well..
..Now ,just want to get things done more detailed..
..I am not greedy anymore..
..But the agenda of time I should digest even the time for listening to music also..
..Even the scene of in order to voice management and protection for my throat also..
..It's actually 0 , feel like saying it's zero..
..But didn't I mention before ..Must trust me ..^^
..Me tears shedding , looking weak makes you think that I might fall?..
..Want to show all of you it's not like that
..4 years..didn't I show all of you little by little ..
..Please see now what is the most important to me ..
..Now I think getting closer to the public ..
..progressing more steadily are more important..
..And also for the fans , doing well as SJ 's leader forever..IDOL..
..In order to achieve a greater achievement..
..Do believe in me .. Please wait.. I will show all of you ..
..Want to see me sing?.. ^^
.. I promise.. Please wait..
..Although there are time promise is broken but there are times promise is to compliance..
Before , I did a few LOGO SONG , it's also an end for the music production..
..It has been years not listening to MP3 in the ears ..
..Please wait..are now listening to it one by one ..
..Will show to all of you ..

Souce : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=654815205 (Entry and Picture)
http://shiningbluey.wordpress.com/ (Tab)
Credits : (Tab) Park Jungsoo’s Cyworld , Jenny32@http://shiningbluey.wordpress.com/,
(Picture & Entry)珍珠之家 ,tt的米苏@ http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=654815205
Translated : -Estee28 ♥~ @Daily Kpop News (Entry)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    we do believe in you. we believe in super junior! we are proud of you already but we know you can do more :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i believe in you,jungsoo.always be your self,ok?you'll be my love forever,jung soo

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