[News] f(x) Shows SM Family Love

You may have noticed by now that rookie group f(x) love to be in front of the camera, whether they're performing on stage or just hanging out backstage. In the past, they have taken pictures with Korean groups and artists such as butt-shaking KARA and G.O.D. member Kim Tae Woo.

Now, the female five have some more buddies to add to their growing list, as a couple of fellow SM friends joined them in a photo that was updated on Sulli's me2day on the 13th. Super Junior's Kim Heechul and SHINEE are spotted in the picture, which was taken on the 10th at the 2009 Dream Concert.

Sulli wrote, "We took this picture at the waiting room of the Dream Concert with Heechul sunbaenim and SHINee sunbaenim. I gained a lot of strength from the support of Heechul sunbaenim, whom I really like. Hehe, just like Heechul sunbaenim said, I will become a nice Sulli who listens to leader Vic(toria) unni well~^^!"

She continued, expressing her support for the male quintet's comeback, "Also, 1st place is reserved for SHINee sunbaenim's "Ring Ding Dong"~!><"


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  1. WOW f(x) Shows SM Family Love<33

  2. "Also, 1st place is reserved for SHINee sunbaenim's "Ring Ding Dong"~!><" ... TOTALLY YUP

    F(X) JJANG!!

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