[DKP NEWS] K Pop starts come together to help animals!

Korean artists will sell their own items to protect animals!

More than 40 items are going to be sell to raise money for animal protection.

Edaily SPN and Lotte.com will host the 4th anniversary of Korean Stars Valuable Items Auction,this activity will start from 9th October until 4 weeks after the activity started.

The list of K Pop stars who will be involved are

Female Artists
Goo Hyun Jung、Yoon Eun Hye、Kee Da Hae、Park Eun HyeMin Hyo Rin、Shim Min Ah、etc

Male Artists
Lee Jun Ki、Kim Ryeo Won、Ahn Jae Mo etc

2PM、Tiara、Wonder Girls、Super Junior、Tablo、Lee Soo young、DBSK's Chang Ming and Rain.

The auction will continue until 5th November.

You can participate in the auction through(www.lotte.com)

The basic price of each item is set to 1000 won.

All the funds raised will be donated to Animal Abuse Prevention Association.

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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