[News] Hyori Auctions Stage Outfits for Charity

Lee Hyori provided many stage outfits and auctioned them in her fan’s cafe, which caused a whirlwind of activity. Hyori’s auction consists of 20 outfits from “10 Minutes,” “Get Ya,” “U-Go-Girl,” and “Hey Mr. Big.” All were worn by Hyori herself. The ensembles include jackets, t-shirts, pajamas, etc.

An outfit that captured fans’ attention was the unconventional training outfit for the Anymotion MV.

When Hyori was interviewed, she said, “I received this gift previously, but because it was unconventional, I never wore it. Once I wore it in the MV, it became a hot topic.”

Other than stage outfits, the auction includes clothes worn in CFs and formal wear, all attracting attention from fans about Hyori’s great sense of style. Even though she only wore these outfits once, many are exclaiming that they are “must-haves.”

Hyori’s auction will take place October 11, at 10PM KST, in her Fan Cafe, “Hyolee Together.” All proceeds will go to those in need.

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Hyori felt sad when the last female candidate said good bye

The semi-final of superstar K was aired last Friday, the best female candidate who had been with the show from the beginning till last semi-final, had to say her good bye to the show. In the semi-final, although she got very high points from the judges, but her charm didn’t attract the viewers who decided her future.

After that, Lee Hyori has expressed :” I regretted it for her, she is really talented, has passion for music and very pretty. But it seems like the guys have more attraction.”

The final of superstar K will be held soon, so far everything has done perfectly, this last episode of superstar K promises to bring the viewers a night with the best of music. Who do you think is the superstar? dont miss the last ep, it will be aired this Friday, Oct 9, 2009.

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