[DKP NEWS] KARA's Hot performances on Star Dance Battle!

KARA whole stole korean's men's heart with "Butt Dance" will perform Wonder Girls' "Nobody" on MBC "Dance Battle"!

KARA's has challenged Wonder Girls' "Nobody" on "Star Dance Battle",the practiced hard for the performance eventhough they are busy with others promotional activities.Their hard work and the outfit for the performance have caught much attention.

Besides,KARA's Nicole and Seung Yeon will perform sexy dance during the Free Dance section,Seung Yeon will perform Beyonce "Crazy In Love" while Nicole will perform "Single Lady"!

This show will be aired at 7.35PM on 4th October!

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Gosh! They look fabulous!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    KARA is good..but Wonder Girls rules..!! dang..!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    kara and wonder girls jjang!

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