[INFO] Update on 6PM's schedule once again.

source: 2pm's star zone on daum.net's telzone


XX [blurred out] Cheerleaders, Perform with Singers
(2PM, Girls' Generation, Lee SeungKi, Jang YoonJung, etc.)
(Flag practice begins 2 days before the performance)
Pay will be after the performance
October 28~29, 2009 (26~27 rehearsal)
ChoongNamDoMinChaeJun(ChunYang) [place where it's taking place]
Anyone in class 09 who are interested in becoming a cheerleader are welcome!!
[class 09 - slang term related to age. not sure exactly how to explain it but snsd, kim yuna, etc. are considered class 09]
First come first serve 11 people!!!
(If you have any questions or want to perform together, call or text!)
[and then the numbers of the people in charge are listed.]

it seems like a couple of you guys are confused hahaha. this is flyer trying to recruit young girls (hence the "class 09" slang which referrs to young girls like girls generation) who want to cheer at this event. it says in the list of artists that are attending that 2pm is one of them. does this clarify?

clarification 2:
this is not for the hope concert. well, it COULD be but there is no proof saying that it is. in the post the khottest made, she said that it's a "haeng-sa" which is kind of one of those not-big-of-a-deal-with-crazy-media-coverage performances. celebs do this a lot in cities other than seoul. 2pm's ulsan performance is an example of a haeng-sa. 2pm's performance at a wedding is an example of a haeng-sa. 2pm's performances at univeresities are considered haeng-sas. is this helping..? i dont know the exact translation of haeng-sa so im just trying to give you guys an idea of what it is.


You might be kind of confuse even after reading the clarification. I was shocked by the title too. So to clarify further. This is actually not the comfired schedule of 6PM but some performance in school if I'm not mistaken.


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