[Video] SHINee's RING DING DONG MV Teaser is OUT!

SHINee's teaser MV is out !.Their hit single Ring ding dong is already number #1 and sweeping all the music charts !.Enjoy this teaser, watch out for their comeback stage on Music Bank, 15th Oct.

SHINee's Ring Ding Dong teaser is out finally.

I have to admit that SM Entertainment is really good in teasing us,the latest teaser of SHINee's latest hit song "Ring Ding Dong" is simply too awesome,any fangirl wouldn't resist their coolness in the teaser.

I think i shouldn't talk too much,i think you should be the one to judge the teaser!

Watch the teaser here!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Other than the funny name(LOL, seriously, SM?!), this teaser is awesome! Anticipating the full =)

  2. Minako says:

    They're devils with wings! xD Ah, can't wait to see the full MV ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is pure awesomeness! best teaser ever<3

  4. Anonymous says:



  5. Anonymous says:

    key change his hair back to black with a new hairstyle woo hoo~!~!~!

  6. Anonymous says:

    omg!!!!!they r soooooooo HOT!!!I LOVE SHINee!!1

  7. Anonymous says:

    a tope :-o

  8. Anonymous says:

    kinda funny ..but dark angels..wow..i like the rythm. its fantastic fantastic and herm...elastic?
    but anticipating to listen to the whole song..can't wait for it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    the title dont fit the mv.
    they are soooo handsome!!! key and jonghyun specially.!

  10. wahhhhhhhh can't wait for the fullll!!

    oppass luking hotttttttttt!! <333

    espesially Taemin oppaaaaa!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lol at the last part Ring ding dong

  12. Hershey says:

    seriously!! this is sooo HOT! i just love SHINee!!!
    IM going crazy over these Dongseng's!
    there my new dark angels!! i just loooove it! ;))

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