[NEWS] 2PM without Jae Bum , an official comeback?

This is a question and answer article done by a Korean reporter

Group 2PM has stood on stage for the first time with 6 members after Jay Bum's resignation. Now, it is an issue if the group will continue as a 6-member group from today.

2PM has performed on stage at the Dream Concert of the 10th of October


Yes. 2PM performed on the 10th of October at the Dream Concert 2009 that started at 6.30PM. But this day,only the 6 of them, without Jay Bum, has stepped up on stage to meet their fans. It's been a month since Jay Bum's resignation. This day, the members have performed "Again and Again" & "I Hate You". Besides a very brief introduction of themself, the group did not have anything much to say. The thing is, there was a negative atmosphere that aroused fan's curiousity

Dream Concert was broadcasted on the national TV the next day. 2PM was not seen.

Dream Concert 2009 was broadcasted through SBS on the 11th of October. The fact that all 17 groups of singers performed their best for the audience was already something of satisfaction. 2PM was not featured in the broadcast. It is learned that JYPE has requested that 2PM's performance to not be aired. Many have asked if it was because the remaining 6 members of the group didn't want to see their performance broadcasted without Jay Bum. On the other hand, Big Bang's performance was also not aired but the reason was clearly because it was the core principle of the YG Entertainment that their performances are not to be broadcasted if it wasn't their promoting period.

So does this mean that 2PM will now continue their activities without Jay Bum?

That is not a confirmed fact, but JYPE president JYP has stated in the official homepage that Jay Bum has requested that the group continued their activities and that they should not be bothered by his own mistakes and has also announced that 2PM will go on as a 6-member group.It is known that the schedule for Dream Concert was confirmed long ago. Hence, the appearance of the group.

It is also known that Park Jin Young has flown to America and has met Jay Bum.

That is true, JYP flew to America in September. JYPE has announced "JYP stopped by Seattle, where Jay Bum is, for a while, while he was on the way to the headquarters in New York. They also had dinner together with Jay Bum's family but it is unclear of what the content of their conversation was but we cannot ignore the possibilty of JYP consoling Jay Bum or the planning of his comeback during their meeting". As JYP has always been on good terms with 2PM and Jay Bum, the meeting is seen as a positive meeting,

The fans have been rejecting the actives of 2PM and have even stood outside the stadium of Dream Concert holding numerous events relating to 2PM.

It is known that they are still requestion for Jay Bum's comeback. On the same day, the fans also volunteered to help the "Beautiful Store" and held bazaars and earned money for the needy. They also covered the JYPE buildign with Post It's and have distributed leaflets that said "Singers aren't products that can be changed as the company wishes"

How did the fan's demonstration go?

It is learned that the fan's have matched the exact timing with the concert and held a demonstration of Post It's at that same time infront of the JYPE building. They claimed that they will not accept a 2PM without Jay Bum. They also requested for his comeback on the same day.There have been other demonstrations done by fans, such as advertising and have come strong with their request to have Jay Bum back into the group.

Source : Nate
Credits to : thenatstory@2oneday (TRANS)

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  1. simba13 says:

    aaah~ i don`t want 6pm !!
    i want the original 2pm .
    honestly, i don`t want to see them performing w/o jaebum.
    coz their performane is lacking something .. it`s like the power of the group is not complete. :((

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    TOTALLY! the dream concert fancam totally
    showed the messiness of their performance.
    something was missing. it just felt empty.
    there was no inner power or strength within
    the group even though you can tell the boys
    were trying so hard to do their best.
    2PM boys fighting!


    2pm is a product of all 7 members. and every
    single member deserves to be in there.
    2PM is and has become an amazing and
    phenomenal group especially under their
    leader, Jay! come back soon Jay!
    we're all waiting for you!

    2PM isn't 2PM without you. we love you
    and we miss you so much. it's with you
    that 2PM has come this far. not even 1
    member should be out. 2PM is a product
    of all 7 members. 2PM needs Jay and we
    need Jay! come back soon Jay! your boys
    need you. we need you.
    we MISS YOU! come back! we love you so much!

  4. Anonymous says:

    we wont support 6PM.
    2PM is only 2PM with all 7 members
    come back soon Jay! take your time
    but come back Jay!

  5. Anonymous says:


    Jay please come back to where you belong.
    we miss you and we love you so much.
    dont let anyone or anything bring you down
    or stop you from getting where you strive
    to be. we will support you and help you all
    the way. we're waiting for you, Jay.
    come back soon! 2PM won't ever be 2PM without
    you. no matter what anyone says, I think you
    are a great person and amazing role model.
    I wish you'd come back. keep your head up and
    be strong! don't ever forget that we are
    waiting for you. ALWAYS. hottest fighting!
    bring jay back, jyp

    4 YEARS AGO!

  6. Anonymous says:

    2pm boys fighting!
    jay come back soon!
    your boys need you and we need you!
    we love you and we miss you so much!
    come back soon!

    2pm boys stay strong and hope for the best!
    we support you but we just want jay back
    with you guys! 2PM is only 2PM with all 7
    members! 2PM=7 members FIGHTING!

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