[News] Super Junior's Naver Rank

Guess who has the top ranking and the lowest ranking among the members ?

Super Junior's Naver Rank Updated by 091011

#31 Super Junior
#105 Hee Chul
#113 Kangin
#135 Kibum
#210 Lee Teuk
#219 Sung Min
#230 Kyu Hyun
#235 Dong Hae
#258 Eun Hyuk
#302 Yesung
#321 Siwon
#372 Ryeowook
#376 Hankyung
#471 Shin Dong

Hee Chul , once again the "GAG MAN" top ranking among the members , but this time the lowest ranking is not yesung anymore but shin dong . Anyway , Super Junior's members' ranking are rising , only for sung min , his rank dropped but still his ranking is quite high among the members .

Source : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=654528728
Credits : SJ家族 , 花瓣之语 @tieba.baidu.com

Trans : -Estee28♥~@Daily Kpop News

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yesung should be placed higher!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heechul oppa <3
    And also Kangin ^^
    I actually Kibum`s rank should be lower.. I mean he`s not performing with them since.. Sorry Sorry promotions? ^^"

  3. mymbhah7 says:

    milky white skin, KIM HEECHUL
    saranghae KIM HEECHUL !

    fighting !

  4. simba13 says:

    what`s this NAVER ranking?
    omg. SUPER JUNiOR ~ ♥.

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