[news] Aff(x)tion Has Major Street Cred!

As every Kpop fan knows, a solid link to the “idol world” is hard to come by.

However, f(x) fans can rest assured that their “contact” has been established. On the f(x) fan forum Aff(x)tion, the site administrators set up accounts for the idol group members in the hopes that one day they would get curious enough to visit the site. Well, it seems they got more than they bargained for with multiple visits from f(x)’s most popular member, Amber. This is the second time the L.A. native has visited the site and chatted with her foreign f(x) fans.

For any idol lover, the chance to speak directly to them and ask them all sorts of questions about their life in Korea, their stage performances, and personal connections with other idols is a dream come true.

So, Congrats Aff(x)tion on your “second” encounter.

credit: soompi

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  1. YusriAzri says:

    i already know about this last night..

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