[news] Brian, “HwanHee and I grew distant, and I thought of committing suicide”

Singer Brian Joo has revealed that he once had the idea of committing suicide.

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 13th October, Brian was one of the guest appearances and he talked about how other Fly To The Sky member HwanHee and his relationship became distant, and he had felt lonely that he wished to give up on music and thought of committing suicide.

Brian revealed, “It was true that my relationship with Hwanhee became bad. For our last 8th album, we did promotions without seeing each other’s faces.”

“Because of some of the misunderstanding from the things said by people around us, we grew distant. I even sent text messages to HwanHee saying ‘You better be careful with the things you say’. As time passes, even though I thought any misunderstanding between us will smooth out, it was during the time when our relationship became more stranded.”

He then continued, “But with the opportunity given on SBS ‘Close Note’, we got the chance to recall all the fun memories we had, and I said, ‘Don’t care about others, let’s just believe each other’, we got back on good terms in tears.”

With that Brian did a video message to HwanHee on the show, “I’m sorry for making things tiring for you. I will protect you always. I love you.”

Source: sookyeong

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    aaw <3
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    i agree.. wehehe

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