[news] Kim Jae Dong was blacklisted by the Gov’t?

In an unusual turn of events, Ji Seok Jin will return to “Star Golden Bell” as the replacement for ‘dismissed’ MC Kim Jae Dong. Ji Seok Jin left the show this past April.

There is much speculation as to why Kim Jae Dong was dismissed. Ratings for “Star Golden Bell” were not dropping and his relationship with staff and guests were said to be good. Rumor has it that Kim Jae Dong is being blacklisted by the Korean Government for his Liberal political views.

Could this be a political witch hunt in South Korea? Is it modern day McCarthyism in Seoul? Let’s hope not, because that means that any of our favorite stars could end up with the same fate if they speak their minds. Best wishes to Kim Jae Dong… Damn the Man, and Fight the Power!

credits: hijinx @ seoulbeats

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ohmy...he's funny and good in star golden bell..

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