[video] SHINee "BbooSyuh BbooSyuh" Full Commercial Released

"BbooShyuh BbooShyuh" is a Korean ramyun snack that you eat like regular chips. The name translates into "Break It Break It." A preview was released few days ago and now the full version has been released. It is mighty funny and something only SHINee can do!

How did you guys like the commercial? I couldn't stop giggling.
This has made a lot of netizens to laugh. "BbooShyuh BbooShyuh" comes in variety of flavors including BBQ, Chicken, and even DdukBokki.

credits; kokonut @ omgkpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    awww, SHINee is so cute (as always)!

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