[NEWS] Cyworld Rookie of the Month Award Winner Interview

Q1. First of all, congratulations on being honored with, receiving the Digital Music Award- Rookie of the Month, as the artist that received lots of love in September. How do you feel about this?

A1. It hasn’t even been a month since we’ve debuted, and we’re very happy and thankful for receiving such a great award. This will be even more memorable, as this is the first award we’ve received. Thank you to all who gave their love to LA chA TA, and we will work harder to show a better appearance to everyone.

Q2. You’re really busy these days right? Simply tell us about your present situation.
A2. With our debut song ‘LA chA TA’ we are working hard with activities. We meet with everyone out there, through music programs and radio shows, and with the fans cheering for us there, we receive much strength and are happy. As f(x), we will work harder to show our unique charms and musical colors.

Q3. You have gathered as a multinational group of friends. Were there any challenges due to communication or cultural differences? Please tell us if you had any funny incidents.

A3. There weren’t as many challenges due to communication. Rather, if there were any words we didn’t know, we would interpret it in English, Chinese, or Korean, so we were naturally able to have a language lesson, so it’s good.

Q4. Amber has been receiving a lot of interest from unnie female fans, with her boyish charms. How do you feel?
A4. Thank you for taking a lot of interest. I have heard that the newly coined words, UnPpa NooNie, have been created because of me, and I think it’s really fascinating and I am happy. I would like to continue to show a good appearance.

Q5. Briefly, talk about the personality of each of the 5 members of f(x).

A5. All the members have a distinct color. The most distinctive charms for everyone would be: Leader Victoria, feminine. Amber, boyish. Luna, powerful. Krystal, chic. Sulli, cuteness. Please look forward to seeing our unseen side that we haven’t been able to show and we will continue to show our distinctive features.

Q6. Please comment on future activities and say a word to the Cyworld fans.

A6. To Cyworld fans, hello we are f(x). Thank you once again for showing much love to our debut song ‘LA chA TA’. In the future as we work harder, we will show cool stages and characteristic sides to us, so please show us a lot of support and love. Everybody together~ LA chA LA chA TA! TA!! Thank You.

Source: Cyworld
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

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