[Videos] Yuri and Sunny "Shaking" with Chae Yeon!

Sorry to remind you guys that there will be no Music Bank for today due to Chuseok Holiday but there are still a lot of special programmes during the weekend.

I am so sorry for posting this show "Star’s Sketch Dream" lately as it was broadcasted yesterday,one of my favourite part is MC of the night Yuri and Sunny doing "Shake" choreography with Chae Yeon...

Watch all the videos below
Yuri and Sunny doing "Shake"

4Minute's Muzik

Heartbreaker parody

FT island's Hey Dude

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  1. no music bank oh well that explain it...could u send me an email if u noe when or which special will snsd be appearing on

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chae Yeon's Shake was such an underrated song - it was absolutely amazing and will always be one of my favorites.

    I think it was the dance that made it so unique and powerful.

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