[News] Dream Concert Enraptures 40,000 K-pop Fans

The 2009 Dream Concert was held October 10 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. It featured Big Bang, Super Junior, 2PM, MC Mong, Chae-yeon, Whee Sung, Park Hyo-shin, Jewelry, Girls' Generation, 2NE1, Kara, 4Minute and SHINee, among many others.

Co-organized by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association and SBS, the concert was attended by some 40,000 fans, who came to see Big Bang performing for the first time since Dae-sung's car accident, 2PM performing for the first time without Park Jae-bum, and Super Junior performing without Kang In, who was involved in an assault scandal.

The concert was hosted by MC Mong, Kim Hee-chul and Song Ji-hyo. Fans grouped together by favorite K-pop band and cheered it on with balloons, scarves and banners.

They also sang along MC Mong's "Circus," 4Minute's "Hot Issue" and 2NE1's I Don't Care. Many fans came from Japan, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries. 2PM's performance without Jae-bum drew particular attention. When the group was performing "Again & Again" and "I Hate You," its fans shouted out "Park Jae-bum, come back!" During a 20-minute break after part one of the concert, 2PM's fans distributed banners reading, "Singers are not components that can be replaced anytime."

When Dae-sung showed up on stage during Big Bang's performance of "Crying Fool," the group's fans waved scarves reading, "I ♥ YG." In the waiting room, Dae-sung said he was able to recover fast thanks to his fans' support and that he was happy to be performing on stage again."

The seven-member unit group of Super Junior, named Super Junior-M, which is active in the Chinese-speaking region, performed the new song "Super Girl" for the first time, evoking much applause.

The talented artists Park Hyo-shin and Whee Sung each performed their solo songs before they sang duo Michael Jackson's song "Heal The World."

In the finale of the concert, all performers appeared on stage to sing "Ah, Korea." A person from the music industry said that this year's concert served as yet further proof that the K-pop scene is currently dominated by idol bands.

Launched in 1992 as "Environment Concert," the Dream Concert was renamed in 2002 and is held on an annual basis.

MC Mong shared his memories of how he went to see the Environment Concert while in middle school because he wanted to see Seo Taiji and Boyz. He added that he was happy to be able to perform at the concert now."

The concert was also attended by the Grand National Party lawmakers Na Kyung-won and Kim Sun-dong.

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    i seriously got teary eyed when Dea came out! And the song BB was singing was just so perfect for the moment~BB <3

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    ^ i meant to type "Dae" not "Dea" sorry Daesung, I failed you lol, I still love him more than anything <3

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