[News] Sandara Park and Park Bom talk about their age on ‘Strong Heart

2NE1 reveals some of the unrevealed chitchats and talents on their first variety show appearance on SBS ‘Strong Heart’.

For the 2nd episode of ‘Strong Heart’ to be aired on 13th October, 2NE1 member Sandara Park and Park Bom said, “We are 26 this year, and born in the year of 1984.” They have revealed their age to the guests on the show even all this while, it has been hard for others to believe their age.

Guest appearance Solbi, who is of the same age as Sandara Park, was also very shocked to hear that. MC Lee Seung Gi said, “So you are noonas who are older than me by 3 years.”

Guess what Sandara Park replied.

And Sandara Park, being friendly, replied, “SeungGi sshi is a really cute junior!” rousing interests from what she has said.

source: kbites

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