[news] Exclusive interview with Super Junior-M: Mini album’s only the beginning

On the 10th of October in Seoul, SOHU Korea managed to snag a short interview with Super Junior-M before the beginning of Dream Concert 2009. Due to perform the title track of their new mini-album, , during the concert, this would be their first performance in Korea.

When speaking about this mini-album and the great results achieved in China by the group, leader Han Geng replied politely: “This mini-album is only the beginning.”

Video can be viewed here

SJ-M: Hello everyone, we’re Super Junior-M!

SOHU: First, we would like to congratulate you guys for releasing your latest mini-album, . The sales of this mini-album in areas such as Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan have been really good; can you tell us your feelings about this?

Han Geng: To be honest, we did not expect this first mini-album to be so widely received. To be able to achieve such good results in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries, this is all due to our fans supporting us, and we are very grateful. We wish to bring more great music and albums to everyone from now onwards.

SOHU: Ever since the release of the MV, many fans have left comments on the SOHU website. Some of them want to ask Han Geng, how does it feel like transforming from a geek to a prince?

Han Geng: I’ve always wanted to be an actor, and this role is rather silly and honest, and it’s also my first time acting such a character, so I feel it was interesting and quite fun. There are also some representative actions of this character, such as (he touches his eyebrows), this (he rubs his nose)… Keke, fun actions like these.

SOHU: Fans have also noticed the vast improvement in Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae and Ryeowook’s Mandarin! They have been asking for you guys to become “son-in-laws of China” (T/N: They literally want them to marry a Chinese lady), so how do you feel about that?

Donghae: (Nationality, language etc) They don’t matter, as long as you truly like each other… (laughs while covering his mouth)

Han Geng: You usually call the fans “Dearest”.

Donghae: That’s why! So as long as I truly like the other party, and we get along well, then we can be lovers. No matter when, as long as we are able to feel each other’s hearts, then it’s okay… (At this moment, Siwon cannot help but laugh at the side) Once my ideal type appears in front of me, I’ll pursue her no matter what. (Everyone laughs)

SOHU: Some fans feel that Henry has grown up to become a man, how does Henry feel?

Henry: A man? Am I more mature now? Keke. Maybe it’s because of me wearing shades for this MV; I feel that anyone who has shades on automatically looks more mature. It could also be… (Han Geng turns back: “Really cool”) Ah, cool? Yup, wearing shades makes you cooler and more mature, so maybe it’s because of this that everyone thinks I’m cooler now. But I’m still the same, (still the same) Henry, kekeke.

SOHU: Fans also want to ask Zhoumi, what do you think of when you write lyrics? Why do you always seem to lean towards really sweet, cute lyrics?

Zhoumi: I’m really happy about this mini-album, because the company chose to use two of my lyrics. (Henry starts clapping first) Ha, thank you! Fans have asked me before, “Have you been dating lately?” But I haven’t, because everyone’s really busy. When I write lyrics, I’ll look at my friends and borrow their experiences, or use the stuff they’ve told me before about their relationships; cute stuff between them and their other halves. And then I’ll put all of these into my lyrics. This time I’ve written a set of lyrics that I really like, (愛情接力)

SOHU: Members of idol groups have been setting foot into the acting industry recently. Siwon has acted in a drama called <18, 29> before, and the response was quite good, so do you wish to go back to acting again? Donghae, do you want to test out your acting skills too?

(Han Geng passes the mic to Siwon, who then politely passes the mic to Donghae)

Donghae: Actually it’s not just Siwon and I; all of us in SJ-M wish to, under the criteria of good works, present our different sides through television, movie, and media of the type. So we wish that everyone would support us too. Ah~ (pretends to bite the mic)

SOHU: After a year of hard work, SJ-M has garnered much success in China. What’s the next goal that you guys are working towards now?

Han Geng: This mini-album can actually be said to be a new beginning for us in China. We wish that in the future, be it in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other areas in Asia, there’ll be a chance of holding Super Junior-M concerts there. We also wish that through our songs, more people would come to know of SJ-M.

Siwon: If not for the support and care of our fans, there will not be this new mini-album. So thank you for your waiting and your efforts, we’ll repay with more performances on our part. Please like us more, thank you!

SOHU: Super Junior is going to hold the Shanghai stop of SUPER SHOW TWO on the 18th of this month, are there any surprises or special performances that you can tell us of right now?

Han Geng: This will be our first stop in China for our SUPER SHOW tour, and it will be held in the Shanghai Pudong Yuanshen Stadium, on the 18th. (Super Junior) wishes to see everyone in Shanghai, and SJ-M will be performing two new songs as well. So, let us meet in the Shanghai Pudong Yuanshen Stadium!

SJ-M: (Smiles) Hello everyone, we are Super Junior-M!

Source: korea.sohu
Translated by: hazel @ http://asianfanatics.net
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