[News] f(x) appointed as Promise Foundation Ambassadors

SM Entertainment (CEO Kim Young-Min) has created F(X), Asia's pop dance group, who have been appointed as ambassadors of the Promise Foundation in the Republic of Korea. The Foundation was created in order for the young children to love the practical excercises, therefore F(X) had been chosen as the ambassadors of the Children's foundation.

Executive Director of the Foundation Kim Chang-Shin had stated that "bright and cheerful images of F(X) of the Foundation promised to create an image that fits young children, especially the hopeful image of the F(X), with the 15 million children and young people tell him the hopes and dreams there will be a commitment role for F(X)."

One of the Ambassadors, Hwi Chok-Shik had stated that the foundation will start a project in October called "Creating Hope with the Young Children."

The America Promise Foundation was a model for the Republic of Korea Promise Foundation. The founder, Colin Powell promised the United States in 1997 with the support of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and 40 people, including five members of the governor, more than 100 markets, and numerous private sector, to help the current 500 million young children worldwide in the foundation.

Source: Naver News
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Hmm, it seems like...the CEO of the company is really in control of all the artist.

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