[News] Netizens Unhappy With Kim Jae Dong’s Departure

On the 10th, it was reported that KBS2TV's Star Golden Bell MC Kim Jae Dong would no longer be hosting the show. On the 11th, hundreds of viewers left comments on the website expressing their regrets.

Most of the fans demanded to know the reason behind his resignation while others threatened to not watch the show anymore without Kim Jae Dong in it.

A fan commented, "The only reason that Kim Jae Dong was let go from his MC position was because of his outspoken political views. If that is true, I am deeply disappointed. This treatment to Kim Jae Dong is unfair without any clear reason from KBS."

Another fan posted "Kim Jae Dong was the heart of Star Golden Bell's popularity. He was an excellent MC and does not deserve to be pushed out in this way."

Kim Jae Dong has been pretty vocal in the past with his outspoken views and also recently. On the 9th, he had appeared on stage with singer Kang San Eh for the opening of former president Roh Moo Hyun's memorial cultural festival. On the subject regarding the bankruptcy of Ssangyong Motor Company, Kim Jae Dong twittered "Never forget Ssangyong. We could all be like them one day".

Korean Broadcasting System or in short, KBS is widely known to be largely influenced by the Korean government even though by law, it is stated that it's a public organization that's independently managed. Because of their supposed links with the government, they tend to ban stuff which has objectionable content or criticizing the government with ease to "maintain social order". YB or more popularly known as Yoon Do Hyun Band had been banned earlier from appearing from KBS shows in April for indirectly speaking out against the government through their music.

Kim Jae Dong will record his final episode of "Star Golden Bell" on the 12th. The public is anticipating whether or not he will discuss the reasons for his leaving at a later date.


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