[news] Get to know upcoming 9-member boyband Child Of Empire better!

Get to know more about upcoming group Child Of Empire! A video introducing each of the 9 members from the group has been released recently.

1. Moon Joon Young – Micky YooChun’s lookalike
2. Kim Dong Joon – Youngest
3. Park Hyung Sik
4. Ha Min Woo
5. Jung Hee Chul – Good in acting and musicals
6. Kevin Kim – Good in English
7. Hwang Kang Hee – Good in expression mimick, next JoKwon
8. Tae Hoon
9. Shi Wan – The fashionista

kbites & bacongau333@YT

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good luck ^W^

  2. Keul says:

    omg we have 2nd heechul in kpop biz. XD

  3. Anonymous says:

    the last one....the most handsome one

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