[news] Making of Super Junior-M's SUPER GIRL (ft. SNSD's Jessica) + Happy Camp appearance news! w/ English subs!

A little extra for all of you... one fancam from their Happy Camp appearance in which Han Geng and Henry force feed each other sushi with a little of wasabi because, well, read for yourself:

Below is a cut from the transcript I found at Sj-baidu about the Happy Camp that would be aired in November, I thought it was such a waste if English fans didn't get to read it...

a rough translation so I apologise if some parts are a bit not well done:(

So here's a cut

The person whom Henry owned an apology too is Hangeng, Henry: When we were in a dorm, I will secretly sneak into his(HanGeng) room quite often, and then steal his underwear, wear his underwear and this went on for quite a bit ^^

...A shocked Hangeng: Why didn't you mention this before?

Henry: I keep wearing his underwear, and those that I wore before and very zzang never washed it, secrectly put it back (in HanGeng's room)

(HanGeng: turn, look down, look at his underwear...XD)

Henry dealt anothet blow to Hannie: Hyung ah, the underwear you're wearing now....

Hannie then fed henry a slice of a mustard cake: Hyung feed you , feed you cake (quite forceful)

Henry then feed Hannie back, there's a lot of mustard. Hannie: You are so mean to Hyung!

Both of them keep playing, Hannie: Correct? Hyung feed you.

One of the MC: You have to say. thank you hyung for giving me such a delicious cake.

Henry: Hyung! Thank you for your underwear! XDXD

(Whole studio erupted in laughter)

Ryeowook: Um...well, this is rather embarrassiing, I too, didn't have any underwear..so I keep taking HanGeng's...

HanGeng lost it...: You alll are a bunch of underwear thieves!

the second MC: So interesting! So, from this show you all can see, that Han Geng have always been wearing other people's underwear.

HanGeng in tears: It's mine! It's them who are wearing mine!

The second MC: Yes, but because everyones is wearing yours, it's no longer yours anymore! Haha~

The first MC: This is a huge secret, and we only tell Happy Camp's audience, don't leak the secret to others ok?

Han Geng: Now, the whole country(China) knows...

Also, apparently SJ-M's Happy Camp broadcast date was been confirmed: HuNan Satallite TV 17th Of Oct, 19:30 broadcast time! :D

Credits: showyoga @ YouTube, InweTinuviel @ sj-world for fan account, and sk8ergalx @ YouTube for fancam

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  1. Anonymous says:

    do u have the video where henry was talking about the underwear thing?

  2. ice says:

    Awww! They are so cute!!!! :)))) Bad henry! HAHAHA =))

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