[News] Heading’s abrupt story changes prompt viewer complaints

Viewers are apparently unhappy with the recent events of MBC’s Heading to the Ground The drama is now halfway through, and despite the soccer theme, the story shifted abruptly in Episode 5 to center around a mental ward, after Bong-kun (Yunho) suffered an accident. He had been saving Hae-bin (Go Ara) from falling into the Han River, and ended up in the hospital with amnesia.

This week, he finally recovered his memory and escaped the hospital, where a fire had broken out. He risked himself to rescue a fellow patient who had been a support to him during his stay.

As a result, viewers are voicing their complaints about the drama’s choppy plotting and the lack of connection to the previous story. Some point out that the story of Bong-kun being locked up in the hospital dragged on too long (”The Bong-kun who dreams of soccer disappeared, and we got a Bong-kun who dreams of escaping a mental hospital… it’s so improbable”).

Another comment complained, “I thought we were getting a soccer drama but that wasn’t it, then I thought it was a romance drama but that wasn’t it, then it turned into a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Papillon drama, but finally it turns out that it’s a fantasy drama where you hit the wall once and the hospital collapses.”

Of course there are some who defend the latest storyline, saying it was touching to see Bong-kun saving his fellow patient-captive and showing some maturity in overcoming adversity. Unfortunately for the drama, it’s still languishing in the bottom of the Wednesday-Thursday ratings; its last episode pulled in a 5.1% against Swallow the Sun’s 18.8% finale and My Fair Lady’s 14.1%. Perhaps they’ll do better since one of those is now over and SBS’s new drama You’re Beautiful kicks in next week.

source: joy news
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  1. Anonymous says:

    why korean viewers so weird??i think it's ok...i really2 bored watch something sport n i think romance really2 good 4 make the film shining...

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