[news] HwanHee to Come Back Soon!

HwanHee is going to come back soon, and his album cover is HOT. Read more to find out!

On October 22, 2009, HwanHee will release his first solo album H Soul.

This was the first time he ever showed his muscular six-pack. Some people even questioned if the body was really HwanHee's.

Starting in March 2009, after Fly to the Sky's last performances, he has worked very hard in the entire album. He took the role of head producer for this album. His agency has stated, "HwanHee put everything he can in this album, thinking of it as being reborn. The title H Soul is referring to HwanHee's soul."

His teaser will release on October 14, 2009! (Of course, we'll keep you updated!)

Article translated from nate.com by mandu_ @ omgkpop.com

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