[news] Park Myung Soo is the 3rd wheel to…

KPop’s spotlighted “beauty and the beast” couple of the moment, LeeSsang’s Gil and Jewelry’s Park Jung Ah. In a relatively surprising revelation, Park Myung Soo revealed on the soon-to-be-aired episode of MBC’s “모바일 월드컵 스쿨문자지존” that Gil had been hounding him about the 411 on wedding dresses. Apparently, Gil had asked all the older members of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” about where to find the best ones.

Oh, Park Myung Soo, these two lovebirds haven’t even announced an engagement yet, and here you are stealing the pre-wedded thunder right out from under them. You must be one jilted has-been to commit such a heinous crime; you were after all, one of the original “beauty and the beast” pairings:

t’s okay, I still love you and your cantankerous shenanigans, but I suggest you get them the top-of-the-line rice cooker AND toaster when those two establish their wedding registry…

credits: madhatter @ seoulbeats

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