[news] Who Is the Next Solo Star?

Daum loves their polls, and here’s another one for you to dissect. A recent poll poses the question of which idol singers would receive the most success when (not if) their group breaks up. The top ten was determined from the consensus of about 12,000 people polled. Who came out on top?

1. Yunho – “Heading to the Ground” isn’t exactly a big hit, but netizens love their U-Know, you know (whose idea was that name?). Fans believe his acting skills will become positively Shakespearean with time. He’s also hot.

2. Micky Yoochun - Not the one from Dong Bang Shin Ki I would have picked for a solo singing career, but perhaps it’s the power of the pimp hand.

3. G-Dragon – Most overrated idol? Fans are calling him the next Seo Taiji. He already has a massive selling solo album under his belt, so it’s not difficult to imagine him going after bigger and better things in the future.

4. T.O.P – Well, no argument from my end. Handsome, and already has some acting experience under his belt. I definitely would like to see more of TOP the thespian in the future (Iris!).

5. Sunye – This one surprised me a bit- some are saying she may be the second Lee Hyori. JYP had intended for her to originally debut solo, but Sunye opted to join a group. Not disappointed that she beat out Sohee for this spot; whenever I see Sunye perform (especially solo) she does have a certain “something” that lends itself to her charisma and nice vocal skills. I could see this happening in the future.

6. Taeyeon – She’s got the vocal chops, therefore crowning her the rising ballad queen. Taeyeon also has a good reputation with the public, so out of the Soshis, she could be the most successful.

7. Yoona – Netizens think she may eventually be in league with actresses Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee. Really? Ok, well I can accept more as an actress than actress/singer, but she has received an unprecedented amount of attention considering her resume. She’s got plenty of time to prove herself, and I think she’ll be one of the first to break away for good in order to do so.

8. Siwon – Hot, folks love him

9. Kim Hyun Joong – He’s still riding a wave of momentum from “Boys Over Flowers,” but that poor boy needs to take a year long nap before he gets attached to any more projects.

10. Han Seungyeon – This one is the head-scratcher for me. Apparently netizens think she is cute and that she stands out the most in KARA. Hmm, I thought it was Nicole, but I personally don’t see anyone in KARA having a successful solo career, unless they also try acting.

Honorable mentions go to every other member of DBSK (seriously), Heechul and Kangin from Super Junior, Daesung, Jessica and Tiffany from So Nyeo Shi Dae and Sohee (dang it).

As with all polls, public opinion, grain of salt etc., but for the purposes of discussion, do you think this was fairly on the money? Who do you think will break out from the current idol crop to become the next Lee Hyori or Rain?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    if i going to choose .. i will choose

    boys - yunho , t.o.p , siwon
    girls - taeyeon , yoona , seungyeon

    they are pretty/handsome + can act/sing

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like the reason why Siwon made the list:D
    "8. Siwon – Hot, folks love him"
    Sososo true :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Taeyeon would do great as a solo artist after being with SNSD. She has shown lots of potential with her OSTs & she really had gain a lot of popularity through her radio show.
    Yoona probably too cause of her acting.
    The DBSK boys of course..I think would be more of a song writer then a solo artist though and of course..JUNSU!! x)
    But I don't get the whole Sunye being the next Hyori. Hopefully they can give her a solo song to promote so we can see her potential as a solo artist. But with the whole WG trying to take over the rest of the world, that would be hard.

  4. Anonymous says:

    sorry I think all dbsk will do fine solo. They should be the top 5

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ah!! Gdragon the next seo jai please. He be the next plagiarizer sorry but its true. If his song didn't cause so much controversy then he may survive on own but please he cant be the next seo jai lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    To 12:19

    "He be the next plagiarizer" please stop..it's not cool to judge people that way..keep your bad opinions please and thank you..

    I kinda agree with this poll i even like the top 5

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey, what happened to my Changmin and Jaejoong?

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