[news] Ready to RUN?

Presenting…the ‘upcoming’ artist with perhaps the most punderful name to date! The man of a bajillion and seven stage names (ex. Hangeul, Song Won-keun) , most popularly known as E.Bul, was a member of former band OPPA, under LOEN Entertainment. He is reappearing under his bajillion and eighth stage name, RUN. Like most k-pop stage names nowadays, I’m not even going to guess where this one came from. But it certainly has great buzzword potential, as various established k-pop artists have demonstrated with this video:

Prominent k-celebs such as Baek Ji-young, After School, Park Myung-soo, and Joo Young-hoon praised RUN’s quality vocal and dancing ability. Looks like RUN’s got a great production team behind him, what with a minute-and-a-half endorsement featuring some of the biggest names in k-pop.

In addition, it has been announced that RUN will be on Dream Team 2 as a permanent cast member along the likes of Eunhyuk, Minho, Danny Ahn, Jo Sung-mo, and other big-name stars. Wow. RUN/E.bul isn’t new to the entertainment industry, what with his boyband participation in the late nineties, but it’s highly atypical and considerably honorable for a newbie solo artist to be on a variety show this early. The official first episode of the season will be airing on the 25th.

With so much hype over RUN even prior to his debut, one can’t help but wonder if this guy is really as talented and wonderful as he’s made out to be…or if it’ll all be one big letdown. With a horde of new, primarily group artists entering the k-pop biz recently, the debut of this already-lauded solo singer will be highly anticipated.
But for the time being, RUN will be presenting his new song, ‘Strong Girl,’ as well as a minialbum on the 17th. Check out the 27-second preview to ‘Strong Girl’ below.

credits: urasiansourceKpop @ youtube; cantoallavita @ seoulbeats

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