[news] IVY is toiling away

It’s a countdown to the finish line, the finish line being her grand comeback. We’ve been hearing snippets here and there of the diva’s impending return to the stage and now we have something to substantiate those rumors.

The 30-day countdown to the release of her 3rd album officiated the opening of her website. Riding up to her comeback date at the end of this month, IVY will be uploading behind-the-scenes footage of her album preparations. The clips will publicize a ssaeng ul (without make-up) IVY practising for album recordings and dance choreography.

It was also reported that 30,000 people flooded the site on its first day. Seems like tons of people are looking forward to her return. As are many others who are anticipating Hyori’s comeback this month. FYI, our other favorite diva is in the midst of completing her 4th album which should drop within the month – sources say she will shift away from Mnet Media as soon as her contract’s up in November.

Before the war of the divas sets in, be sure to check out IVY’s website and leave a word or two of encouragement. And do look out for more updates along the way!

cr: pinkranger @ seoulbeats

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