[news] DBSK finds solace in Shanghai

Amidst the warfare of SM Entertainment and three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki (plus non-excludable Cassies the world over), the five shinkis are to take off for a Shanghai concert tomorrow.

The (I expect) civilized rows and lawsuits thrown between both parties over the past month have been detrimental to everyone. Not only has it been draining, SM is likely to have made huge losses in the time that activities have been stalled for DBSK. This Shanghai concert can be seen as a minor time-out session as the boys will be spending a very important Chuseok weekend as a group and with their SM co-workers.

While the court verdict is still up in the air, it is evident that their case has cast a huge shadow on the whole issue of traineeship in K-pop. Let’s hope the Dong Bang guys can forget their worries for a bit and enjoy their Shanghai stage.
DBSK is due to perform at Shanghai’s Hongkou Soccer Stadium, at 7.30pm this Friday.

cr: pinkranger @ seoulbeats

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