[news] Super Junior-M will give a New Year's gift to the audience at the "Glamour Expo - Overflowing Light" concert

At the 2009 "Glamour Expo - Overflowing Light" [魅力世博·流光四溢]** held in Shanghai on December 3rd, popular group, Super Junior-M, will give a New Year's gift to audience members.

SJ-M, who debuted not too long ago, with their healthy and forward moving image, has been well received by audiences. Recently, SJ-M leader, Hangeng, was honored with the No. 1 spot in an online survey as the newcomer performer with the most satisfying image. In order to let the vast number of fans have closer contact with SJ-M, the director of the 2009 Shanghai "Charm Expo - Overflowing Light" arranged a plan for a special segment. It will allow the vast number of audience members enjoy the music feast and happily step into the new year at the same time. They will also get a New Year's gift to bring home. It will definitely increase people's happiness to the brim.

It's been understood that for the New Year's gift presenting segment, SJ-M will choose select an audience member at random and personally present the gift to her/him in order to give the audience an one time close interaction with them.*** Therefore, the closer the seats of the audience member to the stage, the higher the chance she/he will be presented with the New Year's gift. Besides giving a New Year's gift on-the-spot, the most important thing SJ-M will do at the concert is still to bring their spectacular singing and dancing performance to their vast number of fans.

Regardless of whether it is their appearance at the opening on stage or their individual music performance and gift presentation, SJ-M will bring out their best performance together with all of the celebrity guests to present to the audience a perfect concert overflowing with light. ****

Translator's Notes:
** I could not find an official English name for the concert, so it's a rough translation.
*** It wasn't made very clear whether they would only be picking one audience member or multiple. I assumed it would just be one.
**** Word play on the concert name [流光四溢].

Super Junior-M will give a New Year's gift to the audience at the "Glamour Expo - Overflowing Light" concert
Date: September 30, 2009
News Source: fotoever
Translation Credit: MoonlightD @ http://asianfanatics.net/

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