[news] K. Will diagnosed with H1N1 virus

Otherwise known as Swine Flu..

Following the unfortunate footsteps of SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong, K.Will has become the next major Korean celebrity to become diagnosed with the virus. The 28 year old was currently planning this second comeback for October 22nd but all promotions have come to a halt.

His management company says “he has been working overnight to prepare for his 2nd full length album. In an effort to make better music he was commonly overworking. Currently, his fever has subsided but we still have to wait until the rest of the medical examination results come. We are not sure when his actual comeback date will be .”

It’s quite interesting how American media no longer focuses on the H1N1 virus while it’s still on the front pages of newspapers in other countries. Good luck K.Will!

source: popseoul

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow,K Will got H1N1? This Virus is spreed like crazy in every country, i think people should should careful about this, they should wear mask properly, maybe k will should wear mask properly too, ha ha kidding. I wish he could get better soon. Poor K will. And about this blog, you post an article that some people give a bad comment on your blog, well because you hide the comment on that article, so i have to say something in this post, Well K Pop News Daily, don't upset or give up just because of those haters, you did try your best to provide us kpop news, and there is nothing wrong with that. Don't give up, be strong and ignore those hater that post weird comment on you blog, if they are better than you, they should create their own blog by themselve and post any comment they like, but too bad, they are not better that you. So cheer up, cuz i support your blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Moreover, you should allow only members that sign in your blog to post comments on your articles and if someone who post harsh or bad comment in it, you can remove their comment and their account from your blog. Well, i don't know if this will work or not, it's just my suggestion to help this blog. I support you K Pops News Daily! keep fighting

  3. tina_cute says:

    hope k.will get better soon and can made his come back like what they have plan it....

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