[News] Kara's hot night at Bangkok-- Butt dance explosion!

'Sawatdeekab, Thailand'

The Kara fairies have fiercely shaken the southern country. Last month, the girl group Kara went to Bangkok, Thailand and heated the stage at the 'Korea and Thailand Friendship concert' in Park Paragon.

With the cooperation of The (international...um....culture...industry...something...foundation) and the Thailand Department of Commerce, Kara was able to perform on stage for the first time in Southeast Asia.

Even though Kara was never able to visit Thailand before, they were able to reach 1st on the Thailand music chart with . But, they still pushed back their activities in Thailand or any of Southeast asia. However, with the recently announced and overwhelming the Thai market, they could no longer push back their visit. They fixed their Korean schedule, and stepped foot on Thailand ground.

The fans response to the members were above their expectations. From the airport all the way to their dorms, the fans were crowding, and even with their accents, still sang along to their songs. Sports Korea has asked about the 5 Kara fairies' hot stage at Thailand.

Sawatdeekab! (Hello)

Jiyoung Hara Gyuri Nicole Seungyeon (From left), the Kara members stood in front of their fans with a greeting. It was obvious the members seemed nervous from their first overseas performance. Their expressions showed that perhaps they stayed up all night practicing some Thai manners.

Butt Dance Explosion!

Kara's patented 'butt dance' was also very popular in Thailand. As Kara entered, the fans surprised Kara as they messily performed the choreography in the audience. The fans also performed the choreography of Kara's previous songs, creating a 'dance medley' and it was a pleasant surprise for the members.

Fairies go together with light

Wherever Kara went in Thailand, a camera would always flash. The reporters were also in hefty amounts. The main questions given by the reporters were mostly about their activities in Thailand. They answered that wherever they received such a warm welcome as they have, they would always want to return, as Nicole, Gyuri, and Seungyeon's fluent English along with themselves brightly shone.

Thailand's 'Sa-saeng Fan'(Extremist fans)!

Even in Thailand, there were 'sa-saeng fans'. From the airport to their quarters, they would always follow with such passionate looks that it surprised Kara's members. Later, as they kept appearing wherever Kara went, they would give off the feeling of a phantom.

P.S Memories

As Kara finished their schedule in Thailand, each member took out an important memory they received

Seungyeon- The manners of Thai fans were surprising. As they cleared a path for our safety, they gave off a great feeling.

Hara- I couldn't eat any Thai foods because of their strong seasonings. I had to suffer through cup ramen, but I got strength from the fans.

Nicole- I remember them calling me 'Li-ggol' with a certain accent. At first it was weird, but the more I heard it, the more it became special.

Jiyoung- At the airport, I remember how they said "Hello" "Nice to meet you" "Did you eat?" as it must have taken much practice, and i'm very thankful

Gyuri- I must've been too tired. I remember how we almost missed our next schedule the next day after falling asleep during a bubble bath.

source: http://news.hankooki.com/lpage/sports/2009...06281291990.htm
translation: thebuddybud@karaholic.com

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