[news] Leessang’s Gil Gives Hyori a Love Call at What Time?

On the 9th, Leessang’s Gil gave an interview for tvN’s ‘ENEWS Weekly’ on Kim Jin Pyo’s Star Interview, ‘JP N Star.’ The rapper told the story of how Lee Hyori came to star in his group’s music video along with Ryu Seung Bum. He said there had been much deliberation about who to cast for that particular role and at some wee hour of the morning, he decided to personally call Hyori and ask her take the role. She reportedly hesitated at first, but when she heard the song she agreed to take part immediately.

Who else thinks this sounds fishy? Why didn’t he ask his girlfriend, Park Jung Ah, to participate in this?

But apparently, there was reason behind this late-night madness. Gil said that he couldn’t ask his current girlfriend to be the lead in a music video where the lyrics were about lovers who, after being together for so long, could not bear to either see each other or to separate. It was not a role that he thinks she could have taken, given their happily smitten disposition, I suppose.

As a side note, Gil also said in the interview that, “Meeting Yoo Jae Suk changed my life’s path.” Gil has been making leaps and bounds in the variety show front and in the entertainment world in general and he thanks Yoo Jae Suk for changing his perspectives on things. And by the popular MC’s advice, he humbly stated that he feels like he is responsible for the discomfort and fatigue of an entire cast and crew whenever he makes a mistake or says something he shouldn’t, so he is always careful now.

Awww, just another reason to love MC Yoo! But Gil and Hyori don’t actually have anything going on, it was just a business love call and she jumped to it like the good friend she is.


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