[News] MBLAQ, the “Chic-doll,” dominating music portal sites

After the recent release of MBLAQ's MV "Oh Yeah," and their first single album "Just BLAQ," they have already started to dominate the music portal sites.

In the portal site Kyobo Book, MBLAQ's album is number 1 in pre-order, as well as also having the 1st place in "most-viewed" in music portal sites such as Mnet and Melon.

This isn't all. MBLAQ have already gotten a nickname from the fans, as they are getting called, "Chic-doll," which means "handsome idol." The fans also have started making fan cafes of MBLAQ throughout different portal sites.

The representative of MBLAQ's agency commented, "It is extremely rare for a rookie artists receiving a lot of attentions. Especially when they haven't even performed in broadcast. With having to carry a heavy weight of 'Rain' being their producer, we are really satisfied about their great work up until now.

Stay tuned to Mnet's M! Countdown on the 15th for their debut performance.


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