[CYWORLD] B2ST Doojoo's and Yoseob's cyworld entries

Yoseob's CY title & coverpage's story update

Title : let's go!!
Cover page's story: My beast The first mini album is out!!!! Please listen to it!! 15th showcase live broadcast through internet! 16th first stage at music bank! Please give us many concerns(attention)..!

Source:Yoseob's cyworld
Trans by mailto:Nydia@%20B2STrising

Doojoon Cyworld entry

I worked for two hours today...
I've learned a lot and maybe that will help me do better next time
We are Beast
Please pray and give support
Cheer for me, thank you

Source:Doojoon's cyworld

Glad that the boys are working hard for their debut and let's look forward to more entries in their cyworld as well as their debut stage this friday on MusicBank. I'm having a feeling that B2ST's(which is pronounced as BEST) fanclub name would be called 'beast'. This is just my own institution thou.


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