[News] Kim Tae Woo goes crazy over Kara’s butt dance

Kara's butt dance has been the hot topic of many of our stories lately and now it's the hot topic on Kim Tae Woo's mind. The episode of Golden Fishery - Radio Star that aired today featured Kim Tae Woo as a guest. He shared his opinion of Kara's famous butt dance by stating, "When Kara does their butt dance, I go a little crazy."

But he stuck with his love when asked about his favorite girl group. He answered, "Girls' Generation."

He picked f(x) as his second favorite and then chose Kara next as his third choice. He said, "Especially Nicole. She has a feminine side to her."

Kim Tae Woo has been making his way around the girl groups these days, taking snapshots, talking about them, and meeting with them as well. He also takes the time to talk about going solo, "I worked with JYP for so long. I wanted to try something new and go solo. I wanted to show people that I could be on stage by myself."

Finally, a real man admits to how sexy Kara's butt dance is. All the other guys say they "just want to learn it."


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  1. Anonymous says:

    same like me, snsd first, f(x) then kara.

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