[news] More info on SS501's comeback + DSP's statement + an article about their new style

SS501 fans already know that their boys will return with a new mini-album titled Rebirth on October 20th after a year and seven months of hiatus as a group. Well DSP Entertainment revealed more information and said that their official comeback performance will take place on October 23rd on KBS Music Bank. They'll also perform on the 24th on MBC Music Core and on the 25th on SBS Inkigayo.

Similar to what SHINee is doing by releasing teaser photos for their upcoming album, SS501 will be releasing teaser photos on October 14th and 16th. They'll release teaser photos for 2 members on the 14th and reveal teaser photos for the rest of the 3 members on the 16th. The limited edition, which will be released on the 20th, two days before the standard mini-album release, will include a hundred-page flipbook style diary and a pictorial, as well as a nice poster for our beloved Triples to hang proudly on their walls. Make sure to show some love for SS501 by joining their international fan site, Quainte501.

DSP's statement
Hello. This is DSP media.

The fast changes about SS501 is releasing a Mini-album instead of a Full Album must have made Triple S daze.

This mini album was planned as a regular album yet we decide to change it into a Mini Album instead.

It is decided due to the tight schedule (of the boys currently have) it is impossible to add more (many) activities and that is why we have decided to release a Mini Album instead a Full Album.

Please understand this.

[Album Release Date]

SPECIAL EDITION: 10/20 (Tuesday)
Normal Edition: 10/22 (Thursday)

The Special Edition Album that comes with Diary in a flip book format w/ 100 Pages in total, photo books and poster will be released on Oct 20, whilst the Normal Edition will be released on Oct 22nd,2009.

As for the Online Sales will be open on Tuesday, October 20th ,2009.

[The broadcast schedule]

10/23 (Friday) : KBS Music Bank

10/24 (Saturday) : MBC Music Core

10/25 (Sunday) : SBS Popular Music (Inki Gayo)

It’s been 1 year and 7 months after the 5 members released an album that is why we hope Triple S will give them big love and encouragement.

For more information about the album we will give you further notice.

Meanwhile On Oct 14 & Oct 16, SS501 Solo Photos will be revealed online. In order will be : 2 member photos and then 3 member photos.

Thank you.

DSP Media

Fan reactions to new look
Male with thicker and stronger make-up actually has a different kind of charm. Making use of thicker eye liner to make the eye sight sharper, this type of make up technique is currently popular smoky (Goth) make-up. Male artists have started to use this type of make-up to attract public attention.

Boy group SS501 and also Big Bang's G-dragon and other male artists are the representative for smoky make-up. Recently SS501 is going to release their mini album 'Rebirth', they released an indifferent cover design of this mini album yesterday.

In the photograph, we can see a dreamy atmosphere in the picture, the members who wore thick smoky make-up exude an entirely different sexy masculinity. Their management company mentioned, after the long wait of 1 year 7 month, SS501 hope to present to all a new reborn image, and want to transform from their original image of child-like cute teenage group.

Some groups have used thick make-up to emphasize the so called 'male beauty' since debut, for example the new 5 male group which is discovered by Rain, they also debut in this style, using dark colour styling to emphasize the group's direction. Other than using thick make-up, thick eye make-up is also used to emphasize its effect; some even emphasize their moustache, to show their maturity.

Related personnel in this circle pointed out that: "If costumes and accessories could not breakthrough the visual effect, then smoky make-up is most effective." Most artists are willing to make the image change. However, the biggest issue is not whether it would looked good or not, but the focus is how to educate the general public's positive acceptance towards male with thick make-up, this should be the most important subject currently.

credits: DSP Official Site (translated by imuyachan for marinastory)
Credit: Sports Hankook + SS601 + (Chinese translation) julieann@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com + Quainte501.com


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