[news] SHINee The 3rd Mini Album – "2009, Year Of Us" release date will be postponed


This is SHINee manager.

The notices are as follows. The SHINee The 3rd Mini Album – ‘2009, Year Of Us’ teaser which was suppose to be released tomorrow, has been delayed to 15th of October as we want to make the mv better for you. Please have your patience and see our photobook character, The Almighty Key. ^ ^

Also on 14th of October, our title song, ‘RING Ding Dong’ will be released, so don’t forget.
We always thank you for your support, and hope you give lots of love and courage to our shinny SHINee.
Thank You. ^ ^

Kor-Eng translation : Jojo | credits: weareshining
source: shinee forums

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