[news] New York Hottest Does a Flash Mob at Union Square

Hottest's all around the world are One for this. Remember the Malaysian Hottest's Flash Mob A few weeks ago? Now its New York Hottest's turn for their Flash Mob. They were very dedicated in this and wanted no less than a stellar flash mob performance. Fans practiced and rehearsed before the actual flash mob to perfect the moves and be ready for their public performance.

They performed 10 out of 10 by 2pm and they made sure they had every single detail from the music video to their performance. They also had their own version of 2pm with 7 fans with each members name written on the back of their shirts.

The flash mob sure did attract a lot of audiences cause while they did their thing passerby's stopped and watched them perform. Im pretty sure the New York hottest's enjoyed themselves on this, it just goes to show how dedicated they are and how much they love 2pm and Jaebeom.

After the Jaebeom myspace incident which made him to leave and go home to Seattle, Hottest's all over the world have been showing not only Jaebeom but 2pm, JYP and the whole world that what they feel is true and all they want is for the leadja of 2pm to come back to his family in korea.

credits: wait2minutesplz @ Youtube
Blueprincess824 @ DKP

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hottest fighting!
    Jay come back soon!
    we love you so much!
    we're always gonna be
    here for you to support
    you and help you! come
    back soon leadja! we
    love you and we miss you
    so much!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jay take your time. come back when you are ready!
    but don't forget that we will always be waiting for you! always.

    we miss you and we love you so much!
    2pm is nothing without you!
    you're a great leader and you're the only 2pm leader.
    no one can replace you, and 2PM can never be 2PM without
    all 7 members!

    Jay should be forgiven and able to move on
    because he isn't the person he was before.
    Jay shouldn't even have to go through this!
    Nonetheless he apologized for what he said
    to the public! This has been blown way out
    of proportion! 2PM has become an amazing
    group, especially under their leader, Jay!

    Just let the thing rest already!
    This problem is so old and you can
    hardly call it offensive!

    We need Jay, and 2PM needs Jay!
    Most importantly, Jay needs us!!

    Jay we'll support you to the end!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jay please come back to where you
    belong. we miss you and we love
    you so much. dont let anyone or
    anything bring you down or stop
    you from getting where you strive
    to be. we will support you and help
    you all the way. we're waiting for
    you, Jay. come back soon! 2PM won't
    ever be 2PM without you. no matter
    what anyone says, I think you are a
    great person and amazing role model.
    I wish you'd come back. keep your
    head up and be strong! don't ever
    forget that we are waiting for you.
    ALWAYS. hottest fighting!
    bring jay back, jyp

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jay fighting!
    2PM boys FIGHTING!

  5. Anonymous says:

    jay should see how he's loved!
    are they fan boys? if they are, its so awesome!

  6. 'sonny says:

    no offense meant, but i think these things put a lot of pressure on Jay. What about the rest of the members in the group, you think they're not hurt by these boycots etc? Are they not worth that much to their own fans? i'd be hurt if i'm a member. am just saying, i feel for the rest of the group. just my 2 cents.

  7. Anonymous says:

    can't see the video. it say's it's private.

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